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best disney world eats on a budget

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

By Megan Marples


Photo Credit: Megan Marples

No trip to the Happiest Place on Earth is complete without grazing through the stands and restaurants full of delicious food. But with those hefty Disney prices, your wallet can go dry before you’ve even made it to lunch. I’m an avid Disney fan, but I’m also a bargain hunter. You might think the two don’t mix, especially with the ticket prices starting in the hundreds, but once you get through the gates there’s plenty of deals if you look hard enough. After 12 years of visiting (and eating my way through) the Florida parks, I’ve gathered the best food deals so you can enjoy Disney World without breaking the bank.

All the items included on this list are $12 or less at the time of publication. Restaurant availability may be limited due to the coronavirus.

Magic Kingdom

Casey’s Corner Hot Dog Meal $9.99

Photo Credit: @AdventuresbyCarly

Right off Main Street you’ll find your first deal of the day. Casey’s Corner serves up all kinds of hot dogs, from a bacon macaroni & cheese dog to corn dog bites. The best deal is to stick to the classic all-beef hot dog meal. It’s served with a side of fries and is the perfect, quick lunch while you’re heading across the park to get to your ride reservation on time. And if you’re really craving that mac & cheese hot dog, it’s only $1.49 more.

Sleepy Hollow Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich $8.29

Photo Credit: Magic Guidebooks

This dessert knocks it out of the park by delivering both flavor and value. A fresh-made waffle is slathered in a hazelnut spread then stuffed with fresh fruit. You can find this delectable treat at Sleepy Hollow, which is at the entrance to Liberty Square, just to the left of the castle. The large size of this dessert makes it ideal for sharing and is a refreshing option amongst the traditional theme park snacks. And don’t worry if you want to eat it all yourself, I won’t tell.

BONUS: The seating area at this stand has beautiful views of Cinderella Castle, so there’s less foot traffic if you want to snap a picture in front of the castle.

Photo Credit: Megan Marples


Germany Pavilion, Sommerfest, Nudel Gratin $4.29

Photo Credit: Brandon Hamm via The Disney Food Blog

If you’re a food lover like myself, then you absolutely cannot miss out on the food heaven that is Epcot World Showcase. We’re starting off in the Germany pavilion, which has a plethora of food steals. My favorite deal here is hands-down the nudel gratin. If you’ve never tried this before, think of it like mac & cheese but then double the amount of cheese on it. The gratin portion is huge (meaning it could easily be a meal), but Disney so graciously priced it as a snack. It’s served at Sommerfest, which is located in the back right of the pavilion. And on the way, you could even pick up a traditional pretzel or a bratwurst.

England Pavilion, Yorkshire County Fish Shop $11.49

Photo Credit:

You can’t stop at the England Pavilion without getting a taste of one of England’s most iconic dishes – Fish and Chips! The two strips of fish are battered then fried to perfection before being served up with a side of crispy chips. This is a good enough deal on its own, but what makes this deal better is that it’s almost exactly the same fish and chips that’s served at the way more expensive and harder to get into Rose and Crown restaurant next door. Their fish and chips meal is a whopping $25, and that’s not even including tip (and you should always tip).

France Pavilion, Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie, Croissant Jambon Fromage $5

Photo Credit:

We’re wrapping up our Epcot culinary adventure at Les Halles Bakery in France. They offer plenty of steals, but one of the best deals in the croissant jambon fromage. In simpler terms, it’s a fluffy croissant filled with smoky ham, cheese, and creamy béchamel. If you’re looking for a cheap breakfast (or any meal really) that’ll fill you up, this is it. Be sure to ask for it warmed up because it is stored cold in their display case. Here’s another tip: The World Showcase portion of Epcot opens up later than the rest of the park at 11am. But the French bakery opens at 9am, so you can sneak away from the crowds and enjoy a delicious breakfast in peace.

Hollywood Studios

Woody’s Lunch Box, Pop Tart, $4.29

Photo Credit: Megan Marples

Now, I’m not going to lie, Hollywood Studios isn’t known for offering a wide variety of culinary masterpieces. The dining scene has gotten better with the addition of Galaxy’s Edge, but you might need to take out a loan to eat in a galaxy far, far away. However, Toy Story Land brought with it Woody’s Lunch Box, a quick-service restaurant that offers classic American food not seen elsewhere in the park. First up is their signature pop tarts. One of the flavors is chocolate hazelnut. Think of a Nutella pop tart glazed with maple fondant and candied bacon. These pop tarts are skinnier and longer than traditional pop tarts, which make them that much easier to hold in your hand while you wait in line for Slinky Dog Dash.

Woody’s Lunch Box, Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich with potato barrels, $8.99

Photo Credit: Disney via

For such a quintessential American dish, it’s a surprise that it took this long for Disney to offer it as a quick-service meal. But now that it’s available, I’m not complaining. The grilled cheese is stuffed with cheddar, provolone, and American cheeses between two slices of tangy sourdough bread. You also get a side of potato barrels, which is Disney lingo for tater tots. If you’re looking for some added protein, you can order a BBQ Brisket Melt for $12.99.

Animal Kingdom

Yak and Yeti Quick Service, Chicken Fried Rice, $5.29

Photo Credit:

If you head all the way to the back of the park, you’ll eventually run into Yak & Yeti. The table service restaurant is located in the shadow of Mt. Everest and serves up staple Asian foods. If you head to the right of the entrance, you’ll spot a quick-service restaurant of the same name that offers similar foods. One of the best deals on the menu is the chicken fried rice which, like the gratin back in Germany, Disney priced as a side. If you’re looking to add even more protein, pair this with two pork egg rolls for $6.79.

The Mara, Steel-Cut Oatmeal $3.99

Photo Credit: AllEars.Net

One of the best breakfast deals around is this oatmeal. It’s served with cinnamons and raisins and is perfectly priced at only $3.99 (that’s cheaper than a water bottle!). This is a great option if you’re not looking for a huge breakfast, but you need something to hold you over until lunch. A handful of quick-service restaurants offer it around Disney World, and for the Animal Kingdom area it happens to be The Mara at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Yes, I know this place isn’t technically in Animal Kingdom, but it’s a short bus ride away so it’s easy to swing by before the parks open. Plus, you might just spot some giraffes on the resort’s private savannah.

BONUS: French Quarter Resort, Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory, Mickey-Shaped Beignets, $4.49

Photo Credit:

For all my West Coast Disney fans who’ve frequented Disneyland, you already know why these are on the list. But for the rest of you, let me explain. Imagine Mickey-shaped dough expertly fried so they become fluffy mounds then smothered in powdered sugar. Yeah, I know right? These treats are best served hot and are not meant to be eaten neatly. On the day you order these, try to avoid wearing dark-colored clothing. You’ll thank me later.

There are plenty of other delectable food bargains that didn’t make the list. For me, hunting for the bargains is half the fun. So enjoy the food on this list, and happy searching!

About Megan

Megan Marples is a travel journalist who has had her work published with CNN, the Associated Press, The Arizona Republic, and more. She is a Disney fanatic and can be found traveling around the world when she’s not in her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. Follow her adventures on Instagram at @meganmarples!


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