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Going on a trip but stressed about what

welcome to my travel blog!

My name is Caroline and if it isn't already obvious from my blog, I'm passionate about traveling & learning about other cultures.

One of my favorite phrases is "Now Boarding."

Why? I love that feeling when you're at the airport, you're about to board your next flight, and you see the "Now Boarding" announcement at your gate; to me, it's when your next great adventure is finally solidified and all that's left to do is hop on a plane.

Through this blog, I hope to inspire others to travel with intention and show people how enriching travel can be in their own lives. 

When I'm not traveling or planning my next trip, you can find me in a local coffee shop, scavenging for antique store steals and obsessing over tiny homes. 


In addition to the posts you'll find on my blog, I regularly create content for my Instagram account, 

Interested in more destination pictures, travel tips, quizzes & more? You can see more of what I'm up to Instagram below by clicking on one of the photos. 

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